ADAR, rented holiday accommodation insurance covering cancelation, interruption and third party risks

Naturally, you book your holidays well in advance. In the mean-time, many things can happen that could cause you to cancel or cut short your holiday – illness, a death in the family, even losing your job. Any deposit, or even the full payment, will not necessarily be reimbursed. Adar covers you for these sums already 'spent'! If you have to cancel, any deposit will be reimbursed and the owner of the property will receive any balance due. If you have to cut short your stay, you will be reimbursed for the remaining period. And you will be covered for any damage caused by fire, water, or explosion. Enjoy your holiday.

Be careful: you have 10 days until your commitment of rent to subscribe

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With Adar,
your holidays can be care-free